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Similar to the pale ales of England, yet somewhat less bitterly hopped and slightly more malt. Expect amber hued, fruity, and moderate strength with a yeasty character.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Bosteels Kwak earthy aroma, nougat, banana, hint of licorice, lightly dry 8% Belgium
De Koninck De Koninck Amber toasted malt, spicy, fresh plum, slightly bitter 5% Belgium
De Proef Green’s Discovery subtle caramel, nutty, herbal hops, candied fruit 8% Belgium
Dubuisson Scaldis nutty, pepper, sweet cake-like malt, sherry, warming 8% Belgium

These beers have a brilliant color range from golden straw yellow to pale brown and are often brewed with pilsner malt. Most will be topped with thick, rocky white heads. Flavors and aromas will vary. The blondes can be light, some spicy and lightly
floral. While the stronger pale ales tend to be fruity and some even hoppy, but the hop flavors tend to be low and well balanced.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Achouffe La Chouffe light hops, peach, hint of cinnamon, spicy finish 8% Belgium
Alken-Maes Grimbergen Blonde fresh apple & pear, lightly sour, clean 7% Belgium
Grain D’Orge Belzebuth chewy, rum raisin, orange, white pepper, warming 13% France
Brasserie d’Orval Orval light acidity, leather, earthy hops, dry fruitiness 8% Belgium
Brooklyn Local One (750ml) dry, floral, tropical fruit, lemongrass, citrus spice 9% USA, NY
Caracole Saxo spicy, banana & cherry, earthy & dry citrus 8% Belgium
De Smedt Affligem Blonde floral, fresh honey, herbal & grainy finish 7% Belgium
Duvel Moortgat Duvel fresh yeast, crisp hops, hint of fruit, effervescent 8% Belgium
Duvel Moortgat Maredsous Six tropical fruit, fresh citrus, light spice, grassy hops 6% Belgium
Het Anker Lucifer lemon oil, grassy, hint of peach, dry & bready hops 8% Belgium
Huyghe Delirium Tremens tropical fruit, fresh citrus, gooseberries, dry 9% Belgium
Leffe Leffe Blonde banana, bubble gum, light spice, herbal 7% Belgium
Unibroue Don de Dieu honey, roasted nuts, fruitcake, dry hops 9% Canada
Val-Dieu Val-Dieu Blonde roasted nuts, creamy, lemon, earthy hops 6% Belgium

These beers offer a broad spectrum of character and colors that vary from light earthy brown to deep garnet. The browns tend to have aromas of flowers, malt and spice that can be intoxicating. Usually not hoppy or bitter with flavors that can be spicy and dry or sweet and malty. The strong dark ales are more complex and have delicate mouthfeel. Most are fruity with slight malt flavor, and almost always spicy with plenty of alcohol.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Achouffe Mc Chouffe dark caramel, bubble gum, cocoa, spicy sweetness 8% Belgium
Brasserie de Rochefort Rochefort Six dry, earthy, refined herbs, light fruit, subtle caramel 7.5% Belgium
Brasserie de Rochefort Rochefort Eight rich dark fruit, clove spice & leather, brown sugar 9.2% Belgium
Brasserie de Rocs De Rocs Brune orange zest, fresh spice, ripe peach, candied sugar 9% Belgium
Brooklyn Local Two (750ml) dark fruit, caramel, chocolate, wildflower honey 9% USA, NY
Caracole Nostradamus mocha, licorice, port, toasted bread, banana 9.5% Belgium
DuvelMoortgat Maredsous Eight chocolate, roasted coffee, dark fruit, lightly dry 8% Belgium
Het Anker Gouden Carolus Classic toffee, dark fruit, dark chocolate, dried cherries 8.5% Belgium
Huyghe Delirium Nocturnum creamy, sour cherry, anise , bittersweet cocoa 8.5% Belgium
Unibroue Maudite fresh pine, apple, pepper coriander & clove, herbal 8% Canada
Unibroue Trois Pistoles fresh cocoa, dark fruit, dark spice, port-like 9% Canada
Van Honsebrouck Kasteel Donker chicory coffee, rich cocoa, banana, burnt sugar 11% Belgium
Van Honsebrouck Kasteel Rouge ripe dark cherry, fresh malt, light spice, dark sugar 8% Belgium

The term Dubbel was originated by the Westmalle brewery in the 19th century. This style of beer tends to be medium to full bodied, and usually has a deep earthy brown hue. Flavors are usually rich and malty with some spicy/dark fruit flavors.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Alken Maes Grimbergen Brown caramel, bitter-sweet chocolate, toffee, brandy 6.5% Belgium
Bavik Petrus Dubbel molasses, cherry, tart oak, ripe plum 6.5% Belgium
Chimay Chimay Premiere apricot, tart sour cherries, toffee, fresh 7%

Corsendonk Corsendonk Brown yeasty, slight smoke, raisins, dark chocolate 7.5% Belgium
De Proef Green’s Endeavor dark fruit, slight sourness, burnt sugar, toffee 7% Belgium
Duvel Moortgat Maredsous Eight chocolate, roasted malt, hint of coffee, dried fruit, spice 8% Belgium
St. Bernardus Pater Six fresh banana, gingerbread, notes of melon, light tartness 6.7% Belgium
St. Bernardus Prior Eight dark rich fruit, nutmeg, light sourness, brief coconut 8% Belgium
Trappisten Van Westmalle Westmalle Dubble deep roasted malt, herbal, dark cherry, dry finish 7% Belgium
Val-Dieu Val-Dieu Brown bitter chocolate, nougat, passion fruit, raisins 8% Belgium

Light to medium-bodied and colors ranging from deep copper to reddish brown, these beers are infamous for their wine-like qualities. Flavors are sweet, sour, tart and distinctively sharp. Typically these beers are a blend of young and old brews.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Bavik Petrus Aged Pale crisp tartness, dry oak, yeasty spice, sherry 7.3% Belgium
Bavik Petrus Oud Bruin oak, tart cherry, raspberry, rich oak 5.5% Belgium
Brasserie de Rocs Des Rocs Grand Cru cherries, caramel, roasted almonds, hint of molasses 9.5% Belgium
Verhaege Duchesse de Bourgogne passion fruit, chocolate, bordeaux wine, sour dryness 6% Belgium
Verhaege Echte Kriekenbier kirsch brandy, vanilla oak, sour cherry, light acidity 6.8% Belgium
Verhaege Vichtenaar tart apple, dark fruit, vinegar, light oak 5.1% Belgium

Lambics are wheat beers that are spontaneously fermented by exposure to wild yeast and bacteria native to Belgium.

FRUIT LAMBICS have whole fruits added after the spontaneous fermentation has started. Malt and hop flavor are usually fairly
low so the fruit flavor can take over. Most are quite tart, but others can be surprisingly sugary sweet.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Huyghe Floris Apple fresh apple, light wheat, caramel, sweet & tart ending 3.5% Belgium
Lindemans Cassis dried black currants, brown sugar, tart 4% Belgium
Lindemans Faro sweet aroma, candied sugar, orange marmalade, crisp tartness 4.2% Belgium
Lindemans Framboise flowery, sweet ripe raspberries, sherry-like acidity 2.5% Belgium
Lindemans Kriek sweet dark cherry, slight oak, cane sugar, very light sourness 4% Belgium
Lindemans Peche fresh peaches, dark sugar, effervescent, light acid 4% Belgium
Lindemans Pomme sweet green apples, tart, fresh flavor 4% Belgium

GUEUZE BEERS are a blend of a young and old Lambic which are then aged for two to three years. This gives it a dryer, fruitier and more intense sour flavor.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Brasserie Cantillon Cantillon Classic Gueuze green apple skin, tight tannins, wet straw, tart 5% Belgium
Hanssens Oude Gueuze tangy, preserved lemons, damp earth, dry 5.8% Belgium
Lindemans Gueuze Cuvee Rene wild yeast, tart & nutty, effervescent, hints of dry vermouth 5% Belgium
Girardin Girardin Geueze lively, tart, lemon-grapefruit, fresh yeast, refreshing 5% Belgium
Gueuzerie Tilquin Oude Gueuze Tilquin fresh lemon, earthy, mild oak, lightly sweet 6.4% Belgium

The name Tripel actually stems from part of the brewing process, in which brewers use up to three times the amount of malt than a standard Trappist “Simple”. Tripel colors can range from bright yellow to an earthy gold. The aromas and flavors can be complex. Going anywhere from spicy, floral, yeasty, fruity, to dry but almost always with a sweet finish. Many use a Belgian candy sugar with will give it a lighter body and bring out even more aromas and flavors. These also tend to be higher alcohol beers, but the best crafted ones hide the alcohol quite well.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Artisanale De Rulles La Rulles Triple honey, tropical fruit, dry citrus, sweet malts 8.4% Belgium
Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet fresh grains, honeysuckle, sweet vanilla, dry finish 8% Belgium
Chimay Cinq Cents flowery hops, caramel, sweet citrus, creamy 8% Belgium
Corsendonk Corsendonk Pale crisp, lightly dry, hint of fruit, yeasty 7.5% Belgium
De Proef Green’s Quest wildflower honey, floral, sweet fruit, herbal dryness 8.5% Belgium
Duvel Moortgat Maredsous Ten spicy nose, caramel, cloves, light fruit flavor 10% Belgium
Het Anker Gouden Carolus Tripel fresh peach, pepper, pine, honey-like malt 9% Belgium
Koningshoeven La Trappe Tripel coriander, orange zest, toasted malt, creamy 8% Holland
St. Bernardus St. Bernardus Tripel rosewater, orange zest, flowery, apricot, slightly bready 8% Belgium
St. Bernardus Watou Tripel yeasty, rich, zesty fruits, cake-like, floral, dry finish 7.5% Belgium
Stift Engelszell Gregorious balsamic vinegar, rich malt, raw honey, vanilla 9.7% Austria
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde coriander, honey, heavy malt, dry finish 9% Canada
Trappisten Van Westmalle Westmalle Tripel herbal, orange zest, warm hops, rich malts, powerful 9.5% Belgium
Val-Dieu Val-Dieu Triple delicate aroma, nutty, clean malts, candied sugar 9% Belgium
Van Honsebrouk Kasteel Triple candied apples, grainy malt, banana, citrus, dry 11% Belgium
Van Steenberge Gulden Draak toffee, dark sugar, ripe plums, rich coffee 10.5% Belgium
Van Steenberge Piraat hoppy, tart, spiced honey, lightly bitter, yeasty finish 10.5% Belgium
Victory Golden Monkey herbal, caramel, malty sweetness, oily 9.5% USA, PA

Inspired by the Trappist brewers of Belgium, a Quadrupel is a Belgian style ale of great strength with bolder flavor compared to its Dubbel and Tripel sister styles. Quadrupel beers are ones of great strength and stronger flavor. Colors range from hues of pale red, rich brown and deep garnet. Almost always sweet, with full body and rich malts and a well balanced but potent alcohol.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Brasserie de Rochefort Rochefort Ten dark honey, figs, leather, pepper, carob 11.3% Belgium
Chimay Chimay Grande Reserve buttery yeast, floral, brown sugar, fig, white pepper 9% Belgium
De Landtsheer Malheur Twelve fresh bread, bitter coffee, pecan, honey, rum 12% Belgium
Koningshoeven La Trappe Quadrupel warm taste, oak, apple peel, mild bitterness 10% Holland
St. Bernardus Abt Twelve creamy, dark fruit, coconut, brandy, peppery 10.5% Belgium

This is a very complex style; many are very fruity in the aroma and flavor. Look for earthy yeast tones, mild to moderate tartness. Lots of spice and with a medium bitterness. They tend to be semi-dry with many only having touch of sweetness.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Dupont Saison Dupont fresh citrus, effervescent, earthy & zesty hops 6.5% Belgium

These are unfiltered beers that appear quite cloudy due to the use of wheat in the mash. Most have a higher level of carbonation, that gives them a crisp flavor. Wit bier usually has spice added, traditionally orange peel and coriander. Expect a light sweetness and a soft palate.

* To truly enjoy the flavors and subtleties of these beers we suggest not adding any fruit. *

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Bavik Wittekerke flowery yeast, light citrus zest, clean hops 5% Belgium
Brasserie Lefebvre Manneken Pis tropical fruit, coriander, soft malt, lemon zest 4.5% Belgium
Caracole Troublette yeasty, fresh spice, lemon zest, pear, lightly acidic 5% Belgium
Hoegaarden Hoegaarden White orange, light spice, mild tartness, earthy wheat 4.9% Belgium
Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc sugary orange, light spice, bright & refreshing 5% France
St. Bernardus St. Bernardus Wit apple tartness, herbal, honey, orange blossom 5.5% Belgium
Unibroue Blanch de Chambly yeast bread, cloves, citrus zest, subtle spice 5% Canada
Unibroue Ephemere Apple fresh green apple, orange & coriander, light sweetness 5.5% Canada

These ales tend to be malty and slightly sweet on the palate, with a full body. Color can range from light copper to reddish brown to dark brown. Some versions will lean towards fruity esters, while others tend to be drier with nutty characters. All
seem to have a low hop aroma and bitterness.

North American ales are usually drier than their English counterparts, with a slight citrus accent and a aroma, bitterness, and medium body due to American hop varieties.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Carlow O’Hara’s Red sweet caramel, bitter but balanced hops, clean malts 4.3% Ireland
Murphy’s Murphy’s Red sweet aroma, roasted nuts, grainy & clean 5.2% Ireland
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar roasted hazelnut, vanilla & chocolate, charred wood 6.2% USA, OR
Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale aromatic hops, walnut dryness, roasted malts 5% England
Scottish & Newcastle Newcastle Brown earthy hops, hint of tropical fruit, crisp & light 4.7% England
Stone Levitation bright hops, light caramel malt, citrus, light spice 4.4% USA, CA
Williams Brothers Ebulum tart fruitiness, charred wood, roasted grain, red wine 6.5% Scotland
Wychwood Hobgoblin silky, nutty malts, hints of chocolate, subdued hops 5.2% England

Bitter is a broad term applied to a well-hopped pale ale. They are characterized by a fruitiness, light to medium body and an accent on hop aromas more than hop bitters. Colors range from golden to copper. Despite the name they are not particularly bitter.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Boddington’s Boddington’s Pub Ale creamy, floral, clean, dry, modest hop bitterness 4.7% England
Fuller’s ESB rich malt, grainy nutty aroma, tangy fruit, spicy hops 5.9% England
Greene King / Moorland Wexford Irish Cream creamy, light body, delicate & astringent hops 5% England
Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted floral, delicate hops, lemon zest, grapefruit, refreshing 4.2% Scotland

Cider is made from fermented apple juice. As with wine, the character and quality of the resulting product will bear heavily on the variety and quality of the fruit used. Ciders from the United Kingdom tend to be refreshing; while the American ciders tender to be more heavily carbonated and sweeter.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Bulmers Strongbow sweet apple, light tartness, dry finish 5.3% England
Bulmers Woodpecker toffee apple, crisp, semi-dry 4% England
Crispin Crispin Original red apple, creamy, cane sugar, crisp 5% USA, CA
Fox Barrel Pacific Pear ripe pear, floral, lightly sweet, lightly tart 4.5% USA, CA
Gaymber Blackthorn crisp, fresh apple, slightly acidic, dry 6% England
Magners Magners red apple, bright, semi-sweet, crisp 4.3% Ireland

Abbreviated IPA, India Pale Ales are a type of ale that range in color from pale gold to reddish amber. Expect a floral, hoppy and sometimes malty aroma. Some have herbal and citric characters, and most having bitter, hoppy and complex nuanced flavors.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Achouffe Houblon Chouffe citrusy hops, biscuit malt, light honey, bright hoppy & dry finish 9% Belgium
Bear Republic Racer Five hop forward, mild malts, biscuity, zesty 7% USA, CA
Breckenridge 471 IPA fresh citrus, strong underlying malt, lightly sweet & balanced 9.2% USA, CO
Dogfish 60 Minute bitter herbs, fruity, nutty yeast, toasted hops, semi-dry 6% USA, DE
Dogfish 90 Minute oily hops, malty, ripe fruit, off-sweet, lingering bitter hops 9% USA, DE
Het Anker Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor sweet citrus, bitter hops, peppery, pine, dry finish 8% Belgium
Nøgne Ø Nøgne Ø IPA orange zest, fruity, bitter, long & spicy finish 7.5% Norway
Nøgne Ø Nøgne Ø Imperial IPA pine, earthy hops, candied orange & grapefruit, chewy 10% Norway
Samuel Smith India Ale restrained malts, off dry tea-like hops, hint of caramel 5% England
Southern Tier Southern Tier IPA pine, floral hops, grapefruit, dry fruity finish 6.9% USA, NY
Southern Tier Unearthly strong aroma, heavy hops, herbal, hint of toffee, long finish 10% USA, NY
Stone Ruination bold hops, citrus rind, light & refreshing malts, bitter 7.7% USA, CA
Stone Stone IPA bittersweet hops, zesty, light herbs, hoppy finish 6.9% USA, CA
Victory Hop Devil aromatic, coarse hops, creamy malts, dry leaf, hop-spice ending 6.7% USA, PA
Victory Hop Wallop intense, strong hops, toasted biscuity hops, citrus & pine notes 8.5% USA, PA

This broad range of ales ranges in colors from golden to reddish amber. A variety of flavors can be found; such as fruity, hoppy, earthy, buttery and malt along with hints of spice in some.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye floral, subtle caramel, earthy, spicy rye 7% USA, CA
Bear Republic XP herbal hops, balanced hop bitterness & malt, fresh citrus 5.5% USA, CA
Black Sheep Monty Pythons Holy Grail lemony herbal hops, tart apple, sweet fruit, dry finish 4.7% England
Dogfish Midas Touch honey, saffron, papaya, allspice, biscuity, mead, warming 9% USA, DE
Fuller’s London Pride caramel, rich buttery hops, bright malt, off-dry 4.7% England
Greene King / Moorland Old Speckled Hen floral hops, herbal, sweet malt, toasted nuts, dry finish 5.2% England
Samuel Smith Organic Ale lemony hops, nutty yeast, full flavored malts, lightly sweet 5% England
Stone Stone Pale Ale delicate hops, rich malt, robust, buttery, slightly dry 5.4% USA, CA
Williams Brothers Grozet aromatic, tangy, tea-like herbs, light malt, grainy tannins 5% Scotland

Porters are dark reddish-brown to black in color, medium to medium-full bodied, and characterized by a wide flavor profile that can vary from very subtle dark malts to fully roasted, smoky flavors.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter fresh cocoa, roasted nuts, creamy vanilla finish 4.7% USA, CO
Browar Witnica Black Boss dried fig, molasses, lightly sour, dark chocolate 9.4% Poland
Darwin Brewery Original Flag Porter delicate body, chocolate malt, smoky, roasted nuts 5% England
Fuller’s London Porter roasted coffee, cocoa, light hops, buttery, hint of smoke 5.4% England
Harviestoun Old Engine Oil buttered toffee, caramel, dark fruit, espresso, roasted barely 6% Scotland
Oy Sinebrychoff Ab Sinebrychoff dry, smooth, oily, coffee, fresh wood, floral, rich 7.2% Finland
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter molasses, slight twang, creamy, carob, roasted malt 5% England
Stone Smoked Porter chicory, toasted malt, charcoal, mild hops, dark chocolate 5.9% USA, CA
Williams Brothers Midnight Sun root ginger, burnt coffee, bittersweet malts, dark fruit 5.6% Scotland

Scottish ales traditionally go through a long boil in the kettle for a caramelization of the wort. This produces a deep copper to brown in colored brew and a higher level of unfermentable sugars which create a rich mouthfeel and malty flavors and aromas. Occasionally herbs, spices, berries and other ingredients might be used to create an interesting and pleasant aroma.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Belhaven Belhaven Scottish Ale heavy malt, hint of smoke, grainy sweetness, balanced hops 5.2% Scotland
Broughton Ales Black Douglas dark chocolate, malted milk, ripe fruit, restrained hops, clean 5.2% Scotland
Orkney Dark Island peat smoke, light hop bitterness, fruity, cocoa, nutty finish 4.6% Scotland
Orkney The Red MacGregor floral, juicy fruitiness, toasted biscuity malt, spicy hops 4% Scotland
Williams Brothers Alba Scots Pine Ale aromatic, spruce/pine, peppery, earthy malts, medicinal 7.5% Scotland
Williams Brothers Fraoch Heather Ale herbal, ginger, earthy, faint hops, fresh heather 5% Scotland
Williams Brothers Kelpie Seaweed Ale chocolate, bright malt, fresh hops, creamy, hint of salt 4.4% Scotland

Stouts are very dark, almost black beers, and feature a heavily roasted flavor profile. Most stouts achieve this by brewing with malt that has been kilned until it resembles burnt toast. These ales tend to have a dry character as well as a huge roasted flavor that can range from burnt malt to coffee to chocolate. Extra and Imperial stouts are more dense in body and with an opaque black color, more intense flavors and a note of sweetness.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Bluegrass Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Stout toasted oak, bourbon infused vanilla, creamy 8.6% USA,KY
Carlow O’Hara’s Stout roasted malt, dusty charcoal, light hop bitterness, dry 4.3% Ireland
Founders Breakfast Stout viscous & chewy, coffee, milk chocolate, lightly dry 8.3% USA,MI
Guinness Guinness Draught light body, creamy, dry, floral hops, faint roasted malt 4.2% Ireland
Guinness Foreign Extra Stout heavy roasted malts, bitter coffee, toasted oak, robust 7.5% Ireland
Murphy’s Murphy’s Stout full body, light malt, creamy texture, mild bitterness 4% Ireland
Nøgne Ø Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout cocoa powder, dark roasted malt, lively, easy hops, warming 9% Norway
North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout espresso, burnt malt, crisp hops, nutty, dark chocolate 9% USA, CA
Porterhouse Wrasslers XXXX toasted barley, earthy hop bitterness, espresso, dry 5% Ireland
Samuel Smith Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout nutty, citrusy astringent hops, dark fruit, faint smoke 7% England
Samuel Smith Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout crisp, roasted coffee, buttery toffee, smoke, bittersweet 5% England
Samuel Smith Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout roasted barley, milk chocolate, nutty, hint of espresso 5% England
St. Peter’s St. Peter’s Cream Stout creamy, mild charcoal, dark chocolate, lactose 6.5% England
Wells & Youngs Young´s Double Chocolate Stout velvety milk chocolate, roasted grain, vague fruitiness 5.2% England

Lively and fruity, typically sweet to bittersweet, but always alcoholic. Expect colors from an amber to dark brown to almost black, with aromas ranging from intense fruits to intense hops. Body is typically thick, alcohol will definitely be perceived, and flavors can range from dominant fruits to palate smacking, resiny hops.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Belhaven Wee Heavy dark malt, rum raisin, wood, smokey spice, notes of bitterness 6.5% Scotland
Greene King / Moorland Hen’s Tooth buttery, caramel malts, toasted biscuit, bitter hops, grainy 6.5% England
J.W. Lee & Co. Manchester Star rich malt, roasted nuts, coffee, smoky & smooth finish 7.3% England
New Holland Dragon’s Milk brawny oak, caramel malt, hints of vanilla 9% USA, MI
Orkney Skull Splitter dried fruits, exotic spices, light citrus, warming 8.5% Scotland
Stone Arrogant Bastard malt forward, assertive hops, citrus rind, hint of sugar, grainy 7.2% USA, CA
Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard floral, mint, grapefruit, big hops, oaky malt, wood 7.2% USA, CA
Stone Sublimely Self Righteous rich dark malts, bright & bitter hops, cocoa, spicy, full finish 8.7% USA, CA
Traquair House Traquair House Ale malt backbone, ripe fruit, mocha, balanced hops 7.2% Scotland

Mead is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by fermenting a solution of honey and water. It may also be produced by brewing a solution of water and honey with grain mash which is strained before or after fermentation. Depending on local traditions and specific recipes, it may be flavored with spices, fruit, or hops (which produce a bitter, beer-like flavor). The alcoholic content of mead may range from about 8% to 18%. It may be still, carbonated or naturally sparkling, and it may be dry, semi-sweet or sweet.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Dansk Mjød Viking Blod honey, floral, hops, hibiscus, ginger, madeira Denmark 19%

Altbier literally means old beer, referring to an old style of brewing. Alt brewers use a an ale (top-fermenting) yeast in the beer and then the brewers store (lager) the beer after fermentation for a long period of time. The extended conditioning makes for a smooth and sometimes delicate brew. Colors range from earthy yellow to amber to dark brown; with a good balance between malt and hops.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Pinkus-Müller Munster Alt malt forward, sweet herbs, delicate fruit-acid, lightly tart 5.1% Germany
Obergärige Uerige Sticke hop aroma, spicy, toasted malt, walnuts, dry finish 6% Germany
Obergärige Uerige Doppelsticke herbal hops, caramelized sugar, dark chocolate, rum 8.5% Germany

BOCKS (B) are bottom fermented lagers that take extra months of lagering (cold storage) to smooth out the strength. Bock beer is generally stronger than a traditional lager. They tend to have a low hop bitterness, enough not to overwhelm the malt
flavor that tends to dominate this style of beer. Colors range from light copper to amber brown.

MAIBOCK (MB) is a pale version of the Bock style. The flavor is typically less malty than a traditional bock, and may be drier, but relatively low hop flavor, with a mild spicy quality from the hops.

DOPPLEBOCKS (DB) are extra strong, rich and weighty lagers characterized by an intense malty sweetness with a note of hop bitterness to balance the sweetness. Some versions can have slight chocolate, roasted or dark fruit characters. Colors can range from full amber to dark brown to almost black.

EISBOCKS (EB) are the strongest type of Bock. They are made by freeze distilling a Dopplebock and removing the ice in order to concentrate the body, flavor and alcohol content. These beers have are rich and powerful, with a pronounced malty sweetness and a spicy sometimes fruity flavor. The colors are usually ranging from deep copper to a ruby-like dark brown.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Augustiner Maximator (DB) thick & creamy, strong malt, caramel, balanced hops 7.5% Germany
Ayinger Celebrator (DB) rich, dark fruits, roasted malt, light hops, semi-dry 6.7% Germany
Ettaler Curator (DB) raisin & cherry, roasted coffee, molasses, viscous 9% Germany
Einbecker Mai-Urbock (MB) herbal, dry maltiness, lightly sweet, clean 6.5% Germany
Einbecker Urbock (B) strong malt, burnt caramel, astringent hops, dry 6.5% Germany
Heller Rauchbier Urbock (B) chewy malts, heavy smoke, spicy, burnt sugar 6.6% Germany
Kulmbacher Kulmbacher Eisbock (EB) rich malt, fresh coffee, dark fruit, toffee, warming 9.2% Germany
Kulmbacher EKU 28 (DB) thick, candied malt, oak, vanilla, juicy fruit, buttery 11% Germany
Paulander Salvator (DB) strong caramel malt, molasses, rum soaked fruit, rich 7.9% Germany
Rogue Dead Guy (MB) smooth, toasted malt, oily hops, light spice, grainy 6.5% USA, OR
Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus (DB) intense, vanilla, rich malt, port, toasted oak, coffee 14% Austria
Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus Helles (DB) candied apple, pepper, vanilla, light hops, cognac 14% Austria
Schloss Eggenberg Urbock 23 (DB) strong malts, toasted bread, honey, oak, brandy, zesty 9.6% Austria
Schneider & Sohn Aventinus Eisbock (EB) banana, toasted malt, honey, coffee, cinnamon, toffee, dark fruit 12% Germany
Spaten Optimator (DB) thick, huge malts, leafy hops, grainy, raisin, dry finish 7.2% Germany
Weihenstephaner Korbinian (DB) caramel, toasted barley, floral hops, light spice, earthy 7.4% Germany

Dunkels were the original style of lager in Germany. They are known to be smooth, rich, and slightly malty without being heavy. Generally the bitterness is low, just enough to balance out any sweetness. Some have a dry chocolate or near licorice flavor. Color is generally a garnet-like dark brown.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel toasted malt, slightly buttery, light coffee, clean 5% Germany
Ettaler Kloster Dunkel hints of nut & chocolate, sweet malt, bready, dry 5% Germany
Heller Rauchbier Marzen sweet malt, heavy smoke, bacon, dry spice, smooth 5.4% Germany
Hofbräuhaus Hofbräu Dunkel cocoa, toasted brown bread, soft malt, light bodied 5.5% Germany
Pinkus-Müller Jubilate crisp, bready malts, herbal, bittersweet chocolate, clean 5.5% Germany

Lagers are generally light to medium bodied with most having a pale yellow to bright gold color. Flavor can vary from light, crisp and refreshing to a bit more malty for the German Helles. Helles and Golden lagers are know for being well balanced and having subdued hops.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Augustiner Edelstoff floral, medium malt, light hops, refreshing 5.7% Germany
Ayinger Jahrhundert herbal hops, grainy malt, raw honey, bready, lightly dry 5.5% Germany
Clausthaler Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic fresh, full-bodied, light bitterness 0.5% Germany
Dortmunder Actien DAB Original clean & crisp, mellow malt, faint hops 5% Germany
Ettal Kloster Edelhell lightly sweet, malt accent, delicate spicy hops, dry finish 5.2% Germany
Gaffel Becker & Co Gaffel Kölsch sharp, hoppy, faint malt, lightly fruity 4.8% Germany
Hacker-Pschorr Munich Gold bready malts, honey, citric hops, refreshing 5.5% Germany
Heinrich Reissdorf Reissdorf Kölsch minty hop aroma, vanilla malt, crisp & dry, cedar 4.8% Germany
Heller Rauchbier Helles sweet malt, spicy hops, restrained smokiness, honey, crisp 4.3% Germany
Hofbräuhaus Hofbräu Original crisp, biscuity, fresh hay, bitter hops 5.1% Germany
Paulaner Paulaner Original toasted malt, hint of banana & spice, citric hops, refreshing 4.9% Germany
Spaten–Franziskaner Spaten Helles fluffy crispness, mild malt, faint lemony hops, long clean finish 5.2% Germany
Samuel Smith Organic Lager dry, grassy hops, grainy malt, clean 5% England
Weihenstephaner Original Lager fresh, clean malts, lightly sweet, peppery & dry finish 5.1% Germany

Pilsners are medium to medium-full bodied lagers that are usually characterized by high carbonation and tangy varieties of hops that impart floral aromas and a crisp, refreshing taste. Some show high herbal aromas, citrus zest and a hoppy, bitter finish.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Bavik Bavik Pilsner clean, leafy hops, thin malt, bitter finish 5% Belgium
Bitburger Bitburger light malt, slightly hops, lemon, light & refreshing 4.8% Germany
Einbecker Einbecker Pilsner balanced hops, grainy malt, mild herbs, lightly bitter 4.9% Germany
Friesisches Jever big hops, spicy herbal bitterness, sharp graininess 4.9% Germany
K&aoml;nig König Pilsener crispy malt, restrained hops, light spice 4.9% Germany
Kulmbacher Edelherb dry, grainy malt, citrus zest, mild hop bitterness 4.9% Germany
Kulmbacher EKU Pilsner floral, spicy hops, rich malt, balanced 5% Germany
Mestansky Pivovar Rebel light malt, floral hops, herbal notes, grainy dryness 4.4% Czech
Pinkus–Mäller Ur Pils floral, fruity & spicy hops, herbal earthiness 5.2% Germany
Pizensky Prazdroj Pilsner Urquell crisp, herbal aroma, biscuity malt, dry hops 4.4% Czech
Pivovar Staropramen Staropramen bright, zesty hops, lightly sweet, balanced malt 5% Czech
Stella Artois Stella Artois pale malt, touch of hops, clean & mild 5% Belgium
Victory Prima Pils strong hops, herbal bite, smooth malts, refreshing 5.3% USA, PA

Literally translating to “black beer”, they are surprisingly light in body. Most have an opaque, black color. They tend to have a bitter chocolate, roasted malt and rounded flavor; with hop accents being low. Very refreshing for being so dark, a great alternative to a lighter lager when looking for more depth of color and taste.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Einbecker Einbecker Schwarzbier earthy roasted malt, sharp hops, coffee, touch of chocolate 4.9% Germany
Köstritzer Köstritzer Schwarzbier rich malt, chicory, cocoa, caramel, light sour hops 4.8% Germany
Krombacher Krombacher Dark fresh malt, roasted coffee, dry chocolate, floral 4.3% Germany
Kulmbacher Mönschof Schwarzbier roasted coffee, faint charcoal, mild hops, toasted grain 4.9% Germany

Weizens are wheat beers that are brewed with a large proportion of wheat and are top-fermented. The flavors of weizen varies considerably depending on the specific style.

HEFEWEIZEN is a traditional Bavarian style of unfiltered wheat beer that uses at least fifty percent wheat in the mash. They are refreshing, highly carbonated beers that are very good at quenching thirst. The appearance is cloudy, due to the absence of filtering; with colors ranging from hazy yellow to golden orange. Flavors are usually soft, well rounded with some having a spicy and tart edge.

* To truly enjoy the flavors and subtleties of these beers we suggest not adding any fruit. *

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Ayinger Bräu Weisse tart, hint of clove, mellow yeast, lemongrass, bready 5.1% Germany
Erdinger Erdinger Weissbier smooth, mild earthy malt, subtle banana, light spice 5.6% Germany
Erdinger Erdinger Non-Alcoholic refreshing, light body, mild yeast, thin malt 0.5% Germany
Kulmbacher Kapuziner Weissbier yeasty, creamy apple & banana, lightly sweet 5.4% Germany
Hofbräuhaus Hofbräu Hefe-Weizen fresh, medium malt, spicy hops, hint of pear & banana 5.1% Germany
Maisel Maisels Weisse spicy aroma, tangy malt, hints of clove, slightly fruity 5.2% Germany
Paulaner Paulaner Hefe-Weizen abundant malt, tart nectarine, honey, light spice 5.5% Germany
Pinkus-Müller Pinkus Hefe-Weizen lively, vague dry fruitiness, quite tart & grainy, clean 5.1% Germany
Schneider & Sohn Schneider Weisse rich wheat, vanilla, banana & clove, lightly spicy 5.4% Germany
Schenider & Sohn Wiesen Edel-Weisse bready, touch of hops, grainy malt, mild spices 6.2% Germany
Spaten-Franziskaner Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse zesty hops, caramel & lemon, toasted grain, faint spice 5% Germany
Weihenstephaner Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier earthy yeast, clove, minimal hops, nutty, clean & dry 5.4% Germany
Wurzburger Julius Echter Hefe-Weisse snappy spices, lemon, fruity malt, earthy yeast 4.9% Germany

DUNKELWEIZEN are darker wheat beers that get their color from darker malts. Flavors tend to be more rich than a hefeweizen, with fuller malt and floral qualities. They can range from a murky, rich amber to a deep, almost black, brown.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Ayinger Ur-Weisse dry, plenty of apples & banana, lightly tart, lingering clove 5.8% Germany
Erdinger Erdinger Dunkel clean & crisp caramel malt, dark fruit, mild cocoa, dry 5.6% Germany
Heller Rauchbier Weizen charred clove, pleasant smokiness, spicy, semi-dry 5.2% Germany
Weihenstephaner Weihenstephaner Dunkel spicy clove, raisins & plantains, medium malt, lightly dry 5.3% Germany
Wurzburger Julius Echter Dunkel crispy malt, tart apple, lemon, spicy, toasted bread 4.9% Germany

KRISTALWEIZEN is a filtered version of a hefeweizen. Kristalweizens lack the yeasty and spicy complexity hefeweizen, and have a cleaner and more delicate flavor. They show a bright, clear colors of pale straw yellow; and have a light to medium body.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Erdinger Erdinger Kristallklar soft malt, subdued fruit, thin hops, citrus, mineraly 5.3% Germany
Weihenstephaner Weihenstephaner Kristall sharp, light fruit, clove, acidic & spicy wheat finish 5.4% Germany

WEIZENBOCK is traditionally a winter beer. The color can be pale gold to dark, rich brown. These beers combine the qualities of hefeweizens and doppelbocks, and as such produce rich, malty and yeasty qualities. Most will have a heavy-hand of spice and some with dark-fruit and other complex flavors.

Brewery Bier Description ABV Country
Erdinger Pinkantus clove, sweet dark fruit, smooth grainy malt, warm finish 7.3% Germany
Schneider & Sohn Aventinus lively spices, rum soaked fruit, hints of chocolate & chicory 8.2% Germany
Schneider & Sohn Schneider-Brooklyner Hopfen-Weisse light acidity, snappy hops, tropical fruit, lightly sweet 8.2% Germany
Weihenstephaner Vitus crisp, bready malt, banana & pear, nutty, long & dry finish 7.7% Germany

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