The Osfolk Family

In 1963
Hannelore and Anton Osfolk immigrated to the US with little more than a dream of better days to come. Thirty-four years later and with the help of their two children, Kevin and Stefanie, they started an adventure they never imagined before.

The Bier Garden opened its doors in 1997 to a very small, yet productive business. It didn’t take long for it to become an all consuming venture. With Mom’s skills as a fantastic cook, Dad’s ability to construct or repair anything and a love of beer, Kevin’s bartending experience, and Stefanie’s waitstaff knowledge, The Bier Garden was off to a wonderful start. Going into our eighteenth year we all feel very fortunate to be where we are, loving what we do everyday.

Many friends, loyal regulars and veteran employees have thankfully helped The Bier Garden blossom and flourish. This 18th year we hope that you too can take your time and soak in our flavors on the enclosed patio, separate bar and umbrella covered breezeway with over 40 entrées and specialty sandwiches, and more than 350 biers to take any enjoy at home.

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