Staff Favorites

“My favorite thing about the Bier Garden is our Sami Chlaus event on December 6th. Sami Chlaus is an Austrian doppelbock the pours a dark amber in color. I taste figs, dates, nuts and caramel. Very malty. The abv is 14% but with the dark fruit flavors and sweetness it’s hardly noticeable. When aged it becomes more complex with a creamy/warming finish. The aged keg we tap every year never disappoints. Whether I am working or come in just to try it, seeing the crowd that comes in is always exciting No matter what day the 6th of December falls on we are always full with a great crowd. – Megan”

“De Dolle Special Export Stout- One of my favorite styles of beer but with a Belgian twist. It’s a combination of all this is bitter but also has a lovely tartness. The higher abv will help warm you in a cool day and also elevate your spirit. Tastes of black chocolate, licorice/anise and roasted nuts..finishes with a flavor of effervescent Turkish coffee – Russell”

“I really enjoy the we are a close-knit family at the Bier Garden” All the staff get along and we are all very helpful. We are more than just coworkers here and that makes for an enjoyable work environment. Don’t get me wrong we have our moments, but at the end of the work day we are still there for one another. – Brittany”

“Ayinger Celebrator is one of my favorite beers. I love the deep flavors of coffee and clove. It finds a way to be sweet and not too heavy despite its dark color. It’s almost always on tap and is my go-to beer when I just want something delicious and familiar. – Aaron”

“My favorite item on the menu is Linsen Kase Spaetzle. The flavor of the lentils pairs great with the homemade noodles and the havarti cheese. It’s savory, delicious and very satisfying. It’ll really stick to your ribs! – Will”